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David Barfield says: Forget the electric motor with the electronic timer mounted in the "Sniffer".  I am pure luddite. Just the site of carbon fiber makes me (ah, what is an appropriate term) develop the vapors.
Another picture of David Barfield, looks like the vapors have caused a halo to appear over his head and is fading the tissue on his model!
Dan Berry, "Luddite", so says his shirt at the 2005 King Orange International in Palm Bay, Florida.
Dan Berry with Gollywock, and yellow Luddite shirt at the 2005 King Orange
You can always spot a Team Luddite T-shirt, this is hot green one is being worn by Dan Berry as he launches his gas ship while Bob Geyer times at the 2005 King Orange
Steve Bruno
Steve Bruno
Steve Bruno
Bill Hutchins (left, out of uniform), Kim Bruno (right)
Lee Campbell of Campbell's Custom Kits, a true Luddite, and manufacturer of quality balsa kits

2003 AMA Nationals and USOC, Muncie Indiana, July 28 - August 1, 2003.


Picture taken by Joe Mekina

"Luddite" Lee Campbell and "Finky" Lee Hines

Muncie - 2005 Detroit Balsa Bugs Meet


Picture taken by: Joe Mekina

Lee Campbell's set up Campbell's Custom Kits in the shade at the 2005 Nats.
Even though Lee himself is out of uniform, and unidentified, but unmistakable Luddite is seen in his green Luddite T-shirt buying stick and tissue supplies from Lee.

Muncie, Indiana


Picture taken by unknown

Lee Campbell's taking a breather at the 2006 WNYFFS meet 

New York


Picture taken by Mark Rzadca

Dohrman Crawford, faithful Luddite, launching his Gollywock
Dohrman Crawford after another "successful" Rapier powered flight. In the background is the flying field of the Thermal Thumbers of Metro Atlanta (TTOMA), a sod farm located in Whitesburg, GA
Steve Hesla, Chicago Illinois, with 750 square inch My Sin, Poly Span and Jap Tissue covering, Torp .35
Bill Hutchins points one out.
Bill Hutchins observes Eugene Verbitsky with a post Luddite era F1C
King Ludd with Don Cheson's modern day F1C
Larry Norvall
Larry Norvall
Jason Poti (left)

Dave Rounsaville (right)

Ellen and Norm Poti (center and out of uniform)

Dave Rounsaville
Bucky Servaites with his ahhhh all balsa F1J?
Phil Smith at the Omarama Cup in New Zealand.

This picture appeared on the cover of 'The Model Flyer's World' which is NZ's equivalent of Model Aviation


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