What is a 

Free Flight Luddite?


What is a Luddite?                                

Historically Luddites were those who opposed modernization, namely the Industrial Revolution of the early 19th Century. They flourished in Britain from about 1811 to 1816. They swore allegiance not to any British king but to their own King Ludd. Their existence was brief, but noted, and now their name lives on!

Free Flight Luddite:

So, naturally then, you may ask: "What is a modern day Free Flight Luddite?"

A Free Flight Luddite is a hard-core free flighter, one who still believes in building with balsa wood sticks and tissue.  (Hence our motto: Stick and Tissue Forever!)

Is it OK to be a Luddite? You bet it is! Who needs modern materials such as carbon, graphite, kevlar or mylar?  Why not build them the way we have for years!

Free Flight Luddites have been at times been the unfortunate victims of technology, and have often been looked down upon by those who have inserted this technology into free flight models. But all to often, a Free Flight Luddite wins a major meet with a simple model, void of modern materials! All in fun, there has been a lot of heckling going on in relation to the "old school free flighters". They have often been appropriately called Luddites. Some people take offense to this label, but in truth, we are alive in numbers! Yes, we are resistant to change, especially to high tech materials! Be a proud member, join our Team and remember our cry: "Stick and Tissue Forever!"

You may be a true Luddite if you:

- think of a cake when you hear the word "bunt"?
- only have carbon on your model where it came off the end of your number 2 pencil?
- think of 2 part glues as pre-gluing, then gluing your joints?
- still start your glow engine with a 1 1/2 volt dry cell battery?
- wonder if CA glue originated in California?
- still have an old can of Nitrate dope that is over 30 years old?
- define "auto surfaces" as roads upon which cars run on?
- still lube your motors with a special blend of glycerin and green soap?
- think of a radio as something you listen to a "fireside chat" on, rather than a Walston retrieval radio?
- still tow your glider with nylon line on an orange and white plastic reel?
- still prefer your converted hand drill over a specialized winder for winding your rubber model?

If you can relate, why not join the ranks and get a Luddite Free Flight Team T-Shirt?

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